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Monday, July 5, 2010
Since I moved back to Albuquerque, I've been involved with a lot of MMA shows and events. Well, I wasn't happy with my health and knew I needed to make a change to be more appealing to the MMA world as well as what's going on with my radio/dj career. Soooo in February I joined up w/ the BEST you can in this city in sports strength and conditioning - CONDITIONED BY KELLY TEKIN! When becoming a part of TEAMTEKIN, she designs a training schedule according to what you want to accomplish and how you want to look . She also puts you on a meal/nutrition plan and also suppliments with MAX MUSCLE! In Feb, I weighed 210.5lbs and body fat was at 23%, as of June, I'm at 196lbs and 9.87% body fat, the majority of weight/fat loss w/ the help of a new eating schedule and using Striker w/ PX-AD3! Check out this video and stop by Max Muscle and get on some of these suppliments to get you right and bring sexy back for 2010!



Patsy Anne said...

wow! awesome! congratulations!!! =) proud of you. now come back and surf w/ me!